Sacred Text Translations

Pointing Out The Great Way Foundation supported the wishes of the late, His Holiness 33rd Menri Trizen to translate the sacred Tibetan teachings into English and make them available to the world.  The POGW Foundation supported Dr. Daniel Brown and Geshe Sonam Gurung in making that vision possible.

Dr. Brown received the transmissions and permission to translate and teach the Bon A Khrid Great Completion lineage meditation practices. Dr. Brown and Geshe Sonam Gurung have translated the main A Khrid root text and commentary from Tibetan into a form that Westerners can practice.

His Holiness also asked Dr. Brown with Geshe Sonam Gurung, to translate the 11 books of the Self-Arising Threefold Embodiment of Enlightenment by Shar rdza ‘Bkra Shis rGyal mTshan. This collection contains the most advanced meditations commonly practiced by the cave and hermitage yogis that complete the path to enlightenment. Our funding has made these advanced meditations that have never before been shown to or translated in the West possible.

The gift of these teachings to the West, in the form of the practices and translations, is a precious treasure that inspires our gratitude (and motivates us) to give back to the larger Bon community and to restore and preserve the culture of these indigenous people.