Tibetan Medical Clinic

Thanks to the purchase of the hotel in Jomsom, MCEC now has a dedicated Medical Clinic! Dr. Amchi Khedup, a Tibetan monk, graduated with a Bachelor in Sowa Rigpa Medicine and Surgery (BSRMS) from The Medical College of Sorig Bumzhi Menriling Menri Monastery in Dholanji, India. He now lives and works at MCEC.  Prior to the clinic at MCEC, the nearest clinic was in Pokhara, which made treatment unavailable to the majority of villagers. In addition to providing everyday medical services, the clinic has been an invaluable community resource during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mustang Bon Foundation donations directly contribute to the maintenance and expansion of the Tibetan Medical Clinic. If you would like to help support this initiative, please donate below. Donations go to the purchase of supplies and herbal medicines.

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