Completed Projects

Rahob Monastery, Tibet and the United States

To sustain these teachings in their indigenous context, the Foundation funded the rebuilding of the philosophy school that had burned down at Rahob Monastery in Eastern Tibet. The Rahob Monastery is functioning with a philosophy school, and meditation retreat center. The Foundation also funded rebuilding a stupa at the site of Rahob Development Center in upstate New York so that students could approximately honor the life and teachings of Rahob Tulku.


Menri Monastery, India

The Foundation helped rebuild the infrastructure for the Bon nuns and Menri Monastery in Donlaji, India. We added a filter for the well to provide safe and drinkable water, donated a generator to provide on-going electricity, constructed a safe, built-in heating system for the dormitories, and donated a car so that the dharma teacher could drive daily from the monastery to teach the nuns. Since addressing the infrastructural needs, the nuns have initiated the same 14-year Geshe training that the male monks receive at Menri Monastery.

Successful Completion of the Irrigation system to stabilize farming practice in Pangling Mustang Nepal

The Foundation supported MCEC in stabilizing local farming by developing a reliable irrigation system in 2015, so that local farmers of Pangling would enjoy stable irrigation of local crops year after year. The hope was that such an irrigation system would encourage local farmers to work their land to the fullest, increasing the likelihood that they keep and develop their land. This would have a stabilizing effect on the local population and minimize the break-down of local culture. Engineering and geological consultants were brought to the area in 2014 to develop a plan for the most stable irrigation system suitable for the region.

That plan was successfully implemented over the following year and completed in 2015, resulting in stabilization of water resources despite highly variable rain and flows of the Kali Gandaki river that flows through Mustang Valley.


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